Double Zero Roulette

The game of Roulette should not be taken lightly. The house advantage for American-style roulettes with single or double zeros is 5% greater than their European counterparts but if you think this won’t make much difference, then wait until you compare the two!

Casino War


The poker game is an excellent way to relax with friends when you want some time for yourself. But it’s not so great if your only option is endless machines that offer little fun or entertainment value Poker could be a fantastic pastime, but all too often, people find themselves playing on lonely roadside cafes where there’s nothing more than just one machine in which they can play their favourite cards against humanity!

Some of you might not be familiar with the best pay tables for each machine and methods that work well. That is why it’s better if one does not play at all or completely understand how games operate to avoid being disappointed later.

Casino War

The one game you wouldn’t want any business with is Casino War. It isn’t easy to control, and there isn’t much skill or strategy involved in the gameplay for adults. So, where does this leave us? As children, we may have enjoyed playing these types of arcade-style games, but now that they are grown up – not so much!

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a popular dice game that offers an enjoyable gameplay experience, but with such high odds of losing and no way to turn them in your favour, you might want to avoid this one.

Casino War


A game with an unfair and very high house edge is not something you would want to play. In addition, there isn’t any entertainment value when it comes down to just winning or losing in this particular casino slot machine.

Unlike the lottery, Keno’s chances of winning are meagre. The only good thing about this game is that it doesn’t cost too much to play- so if you’re looking for something fun with an inexpensive price tag? Consider checking out our list! Elsewhere on YouTube or Facebook might be more appropriate places to get your fix without spending any money at all .

Slot Machines

The high-edge casino houses offer players, and low payouts make it almost feel like you’ve been robbed. We recommend slots if you have bonuses or free money to spare!


The game of craps can be overwhelming for beginners and even experts. Many instructions must be followed, such as “dos” (you must place your bet) or “don’ts.”

Whether you’re a veteran or newbie, the game has your heart racing. There’s an intimidation factor at play when playing with people who know what they are doing – even if it is just one other person! The best advice I can give someone looking to get into this fun but the dangerous activity would be: go try out some tables before making any final decisions about whether or not its right for you.


Bingo is a game of luck. Remember that other people are also trying their chances, and you might not win anytime soon – even if it feels like all your numbers have come up! There isn’t much fun involved; no action at all, really–only suspense waiting for someone else to make an error so they can take home some money from bingo games on division streets everywhere.

Blackjack 6/5

The game of blackjack is designed to make you lose. The 6/5 payouts are as opposed to the original 3-to2, which makes it impossible for newbies who don’t understand that difference in profitability – even if they’ve been playing their whole lives!

The blackjack game is played per hand every hour; let’s assume you’re playing 10 hands each time, and each one costs C$50. You’ll be losing a lot of money if your play continues this long – 3/2 or 6-to5 are better options for decks with higher cards like an 8 max!

Wheel of Fortune

Some people call it luck, but there’s no other way to explain why some have winning streaks while others can’t find a win. And if you’re reading this, I’m sure that must mean something too! The game may sound like fun until one realizes players mostly place their bets and hope for the best.

When you realize that the fun is for other people as they profit off your bad luck, and if you decide to place huge bets on this game with low odds – it’s curtains!


You may be a little more familiar with some games if you try them out. You’ll learn what type of person is best suited for each one, and that way, it will feel less intimidating when trying new ones in the future!

The essence of gambling is to have fun. If you don’t mind dilly-dallying on a game, go for it! Otherwise, avoid any games that look simple, even if they seem like good bets because the most important thing in playing casino tabletop games is how much time we spend having quality playtime rather than being too focused on winning or losing right off the bat (or before even getting started).