Best Bonuses for Instant Banking users

Instant banking is a popular deposit and withdrawal method for online casinos that target the Canadian market. The top gambling websites offer big bonuses to players who use this form of payment, such as match deposits with free spins awarded upon registration or first transaction at any time during your stay on site!

General Information About Instant Banking

Instant banking transactions are the same as bank transfers in that it allows you to take out money from your account and put it into another one. The only difference between these two methods, which use encryption technology for safety reasons (to confirm identity), is how quickly they’re processed – instant casino payments happen much quicker than traditional ones!

How to deposit with instant banking?

Best Bonuses for Instant Banking users

When you deposit money into your casino account, it’s like taking out cash from the bank. The process is simple and quick: select which logo represents who sent funds (e-wallet or credit card), enter the password provided upon signing up at an online gambling site, and login successfully – voila! You now have access to all of those sweet coins on release date/time that will help pay bills while playing games, too.

Deposit and withdrawal times

Instant banking casino payments can be a little more hit or miss. Some casinos have quick deposits, while others take their time with withdrawals and may not give you an answer for days when asking them to process it immediately instead of just making assumptions about what’s going on in the background without any information available as well being able yourself determine whether those funds will ever actually arrive at all!

What are the commission fees?

Instant banking transactions can be costly, but there is no need to worry. The fee for this service will depend on the casino you choose and how much they charge per transaction, as well as your financial institution’s rates which may include free services or flat-rate fees that range from 0% up depending upon what kind of account balance needs paying off first!

Top 3 Instant Banking Methods


In 2000, a small group of entrepreneurs founded Citadel Instant Banking. The company’s goal is to provide banking services for those who don’t have access to or need the time-consuming process that comes with traditional methods; they do this by providing an app on your phone which allows you to make transactions quickly and easily anywhere in 200 countries around the world! You can also get references from their website if needed ( Rapid System), but one thing before I forget: When completing these types of transfers, remember what reference number was given – This ensures it goes smoothly without any complications like last resort.


Paper checks are a thing of the past! eChecks allow you to withdraw funds straight from your bank account, and they’re quicker than their traditional counterparts. There’s also less chance that something will go wrong during processing, so billing costs for customers stay low at around 60% lower rates on some banks’ products alone- in cases where this amount can be reduced even further, thanks mostly due an improved interface between customer service representatives/banks themselves through newer technology like smartphones or tablets which enables faster communication across international borders without.


Interac e-Transfers is one of the most popular methods for transferring money securely. With its safety and comfort, it’s no wonder that this system has grown exponentially in recent years!

Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Instant Banking

Instant banking online casinos are one of America’s fastest-growing casino industries. The games at these sites offer a fast-paced, exciting experience that players from all walks of life can enjoy – but what do you know about them? Let’s take an inside look! For someone to use your instant deposit bonus code, they need proof beforehand of how much money was put down on their initial loss… so why don’t we start there first.


To make playing with real money at casinos possible, online casino instant banking has been around for quite some time. It works great (if not better) when using your bank account and allows you to be seamlessly connected between all of the different platforms that offer this service – whether it is due to security purposes or convenience factors like speediness in accessing funds available on table games with just one click!

More Instant Banking casinos to choose

Instant Banking is a safe and common payment method that allows players to use their bank accounts for adding funds or withdrawing winnings at any online casino. The process of using this service involves making transactions through an interface similar but faster than those offered by most banks; these charges may depend on what financial institution you use and which offers instant access (meaning there could potentially be different fees).