Love Island Slot Review

About Love Island Slot

Microgaming has taken the world of Love Island and made it into an online slot game. Microgaming wants you to have all your favourite moments from this show, with 243 ways to win! You can play on 5 reels and 3 rows, but most importantly- at least one reel full of icons where anything could happen during each round (including free spins!) And if that wasn’t enough already…you also get multipliers when you place minimum wagers as well, which means big money won’t be hard come by either; watch out because those handsome males will flaunt their muscles while doing so.

Love Island Game Symbols

Tips to Play the Love Island Slot

Love Island is a reality show about love and parties, but it’s also an incredible slot with 6 contestants you’ll recognize. Three guys vs 3 pretty girls! And when they’re not doing anything too crazy (like drinking), the happy can be found spinning their decks or playing cards on Microgaming’s amazing game platforms- which means there will always be entertaining entertainment no matter what mood one chooses to sink into during that boring workday commute home. The theme song sounds like something straight out of clubbin’ central London, while background music makes me feel all lighthearted inside– because who doesn’t love feeling happy?

Tips to Play the Love Island Slot

The game has 243 ways to win, so there’s no chance you’ll run out of options. Plus, with 5 pay lines and an incredible slot machine feel, it feels just like being at the casino!

The betting range is considerate and can accommodate both conventional and seasoned players. You may start your bet with just $0.15 up to 60 per spin, or if you’re ready, press the Spin button while looking out for lucky wins that will bring more money into harm’s way! Alternatively, switch over Autoplay mode, where lovers rock island all night long, making sure everyone has fun watching them perform live at their weddings, birthday parties etc…This triggers 100 free spins to maximize chances of winning big time.

Special/ Bonus Features

  • Hot Zone- as you launch the game, you will have the option of choosing a couple, and another one will automatically be chosen for you. They will appear on opposite sides of the reels, the left and right. If your gameplay enables you to land the couples in the Hot Zone, you will be rewarded a 20x multiplier which consequently results in Free Spins.
  • Cash Prize- Upon landing an islander on the middle positions of the first and fifth reels, you will be awarded cash prizes.
  • Free Spins– when you land your chosen islander and his date in the Hot Zone, you will earn 20 free spins, and the islander symbols are substituted with a wild. You cannot re-trigger free spins.


Love Island is a game of chance where you can change couples to decide which couple will form the highest paying symbol. To do this, activate your Hot Zone feature and win 20X more money! You also have access to free spins that increase your chances of winning $125K – it’s not too shabby at 96% RTP either, so don’t forget about these benefits when playing online casino games version to become better acquainted with how they work.

Love Island on Mobile

Love Island is one of the most popular Microgaming slots designed to be played on your phone. It’s compatible with Android or iOS devices, and you can Spin reels while running errands! If it gets too hectic, just use Auto Play so that nothing goes wasted – plus, there are never any additional fees involved in playing this game at home versus abroad!

Let Love Rule as You Pocket Huge Wins

The gameplay of this slot is so simple that even someone who doesn’t play slots often can understand it. You’ll be hooked as you try to follow along with your reality show in hand, watching for clues about what’s going on around town and which islander might have won their love interest! The theme was perfect because I’m always excited by new love features; they make me believe there could exist such thing as “perfect matches.” If anything comes up during free spins where players get matched based on compatibility (enemy / partner), do yourself a favour: match two people together before time runs out or else.